Wuxi Power 2017 Annual Business Meeting And High Pressure Common Rail Engine New Production Release Meeting

- Nov 15, 2017-

2017is a tough year ,many cheap fake engine brand made the market in a mess. Many small generator dead because of unhealthy competition and financial problem like lacking of cash . Banks are unwilling to borrow money because of Global financial crisis .

At this moment , we hold the annual business meeting . To create a chance to call all our clients together , to make a place that we can discuss issues and to help our clients find out a way to solve the problems and live better in the next year .

Business meeting is a tradition of Wuxi Power, this years meeting take place in XIAN city , Shaanxi district , China . 11st.Nov 2017.


We had all important clients(OEM , agency of province , dealers) together totally 150 people .


At the same time , we exhibited the new high pressure common rail series generator engine. This engine represent the new level of our technic . Making the engine more powerful , more economic and more efficient. Clients are happy to see that because that means they will have better production in their tender and they will be more confident of Wandi engine .


Wuxi Power general manager Mr. Guoping Lu made a report of 2017 and a speech looking forward to the future 




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