What Are The Causes And Remedies Of The Diesel Engine Noise?

- Nov 21, 2017-

WD164 series diesel engines are our company’s newly-developed diesel engines. During using the WD164 series diesel engines, a wide range of issues is inevitable in practice. For example,the engine may make some unordinary noise. Next, I will introduce characteristics, probable causes and remedies of the unordinary noise of the WD164 series diesel engine.


1. If there is clear rhythmic metallic pounding noise from cylinder, it may be because the injection timing is too early. And there may be low dull pounding noise from cylinder. It may be because the injection timing is too late. In order to solve the problems, we should readjust injection timing.


2. If there is light clear noise which is especially clear when engine idles, it is because the clearance between piston pin and connecting rod small end bushing is too large. Therefore, we should renew connecting rod small end bushing.


3. If there is pounding noise from cylinder right after engine is started. This noise reduces as engine warm up. It is because the clearance between piston and liner is too large. So, we should renew piston rings. If the liner has worn beyond the specified limit, renew it too.


4. When engine runs at 1500 rpm, the crankcase emits a pounding noise which becomes a dull forceful noise as engine speed suddenly drops. It is because the connecting rod large end bearing clearance is too large. In order to avoid this problem, we should check it. Renew bearings if necessary.


5. If there is a light rhythmic clicking noise from cylinder head, it is because the valve spring is broken, or valve push rod is bent, or tappet is worn. At this time, we should renew the worn and damaged parts and adjust valve lash to the specified limit.


6. Because of the valve pounding the piston, a dull, even, rhythmic clicking noise will be from cylinder head. With fingers touching the cylinder head cover crown nut, valve pounding the piston can be felt. To solve this problem, remove cylinder head cover and check which valve pounds the piston. Adjust valve lash. If necessary, replace cylinder head gasket with a thicker one (0.20-0.40mm thicker than standard gaskets can be supplied), or machine down the valve cavity on the piston.


7. There may be unordinary noise from timing gear case cover. When engine speed suddenly drops, gear pounding noise can be heard. It may be because the gears are seriously worn or the gear backlash is too large. Therefore, we need to adjust the gear backlash and renew the gear if it is seriously worn.


8.There is dry metallic rubbing noise from cylinder head, which is because of no oil between rocker arm and valve tip. Adding oil can solve this problem.