The Starting System And Inlet And Exhaust System Of The WD305 Series Diesel Engines

- Nov 25, 2017-

A. Starting system


Starting system mainly has battery, starter motor, charging generator and some accessories wire, etc.


In the work, always pay attention to the battery voltage and the proportion of electrolyte, the proportion of electrolyte should be 1.28 ~ 1.29 (atmospheric temperature 15 ℃), usually is not less than 1.27. Under normal circumstances, diesel engine charging generator can guarantee to maintain the state of sufficient electric battery. But in special circumstances, such as diesel engine stopped for a long time, possible battery voltage shortage phenomenon, at this time should be in other power supply to the battery charge.


Always check starting motor fasteners coupling is strong or not, wire contact is close or not, and eliminate accumulated pollutant, coated with a little grease to prevent rust. Always check the wire insulation is damaged or not. Periodically remove dust band. Check the commutator surface is bright and clean. Within the framework of the carbon brush in whether there is stuck phenomenon. Carbon brush spring pressure is normal or not, and remove dust. If discover the carbon brush wear too much, commutator surface singeing serious and other fault, should remove the repair.


Charging generator by triangular rubber belt drive in use, shall regularly check the triangular rubber belt tension force, to ensure the normal charge. Silicon rectifier generator and battery must be used together, the line connection conducted as per requirement, and connection should be correct, reliable anode must not pick the wrong or pick back, or will damage the generator. Silicon rectifier generator and the plate with ball bearing, bearing lubrication with composite calcium base grease, grease in the use of about 1000 h ours need to change, when changing, filling quantity should be appropriate, back cover bearing inner oil unfavorable overmuch, too much easy to overflow splash in the slip ring caused bad contact, affect the performance of the charging generator. Silicon rectifier generator structure is simple, do not need special maintenance, usually just use bellows or compressed air to motor in the dust, keep air way clear, observe the carbon brush and slip ring contact situation, check the carbon brush wear and the fastener tighten situation.


Note: Generator operation are not allowed to use screwdriver (driver), and other metal items will be positive and terminal and casing or negative sub to see if there is a spark to determine whether charging generator, so easy to damage the components.


B. Inlet and exhaust system


The inlet and exhaust system are mainly about column inlet pipe, pipe, or so column exhaust transition pipe, inlet nozzle, gasket, pipe cover, air filter, etc of parts.


WD305 series diesel engine left column using the same root intake pipe, intake pipe are made from cast aluminum, volume is larger, can rise to regulated effect. Lumen both airway also have channel, intercooler will supercharger compression after the high temperature air cooling, after each cylinder after inlet into the cylinders for combustion; At the same time by the body of each cylinder on hole into the cylinder head of the cooling water collect in front of thermostat outlet pipe into the tank. Inlet pipe installation must be pay attention to, the intake pipe and cylinder head joint surface must be sealed to prevent water inlet pipe leakage, do not allow metal scraps any sundry, or suction cylinder will cause part damage accident.


Exhaust pipe is made by cast iron, or so are listed by two segments, respectively, before and after the two paragraphs, and the adjacent two segments pipe by pipe sealing ring seal. Exhaust outside tube general to outdoor or underground pipeline, pipes should not be too long or sharp turn, bend should not be more than three, and took over the inside diameter not less than φ150 mm, lest increase exhaust back pressure, reduce the power output. Exhaust back pressure is not more than 6kpa. In the external pipe position should be equipped with temperature difference expansion joints, pipe support and exhaust temperature measuring joint and other equipment. Also, note: do not over the weight bearing in the supercharger or diesel engine exhaust pipe, otherwise easy to make pipe and connecting bolt vibration fracture or damage the supercharger. Connected to the outdoor pipe mouth should consider to fireproofing, heat insulation and rainproof measures.