The Lubrication System And Cooling System Of The WD305 Series Diesel Engines

- Nov 28, 2017-

A. Lubrication system


In the splash lubricating system, oil is splashed up from the oil pan or oil trays in the lower part of the crankcase. The oil is thrown upward as droplets or fine mist and provides adequate lubrication to valve mechanisms, piston pins, cylinder walls, and piston rings. In the combination splash and pressure feed lubricating system, an oil pump takes oil from the oil pan and forces it through holes drilled in the engine block and crankshaft. This oil thereby reaches the various bearings that support rotating shafts and the different moving parts in the engine. It covers the surfaces of the moving parts in the engine. It covers the surfaces of the moving parts to prevent metal- to- metal contact and undue water of the parts. In this system, cylinder walls are lubricated by splashing oil thrown off from the connecting-rod bearing. The lubricating oil circulating through the engine to all moving parts requiring lubrication performs When the Lubrication system is breakdown, it will cause serious accident, one should always check.


B. Cooling system


The cooling system of WD305 series on a turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine can divide into opened and closed. Pressurization air - air cold model use only closed cycle.


When users overhaul pump installation, strictly prohibit knock, loaded askew and damage mounting surface. In less than 0 ℃ after the winter use, we shall promptly open cooling system all parts on the water drain valve, put all cavity hydrops to prevent pump frost crack.


Thermostat is used to adjust the water temperature of diesel engine. When the cooling water in low temperature, close thermostat valve, the cylinder cover all the thermostat bypass back into the circulating pump When the water temperature in the 72 + 2 ℃, thermostat valve began to open, now the water is still part of the thermostat bypass back into the circulating pump, part of the water with the thermostat valve discharge. When the water temperature reached 84 ℃, thermostat valve fully open, bypass closed, all the thermostat water valve discharge.


When need to check the thermostat, can put it in the water slowly heating. When the temperature reached 72 + 2 ℃, the thermostat will begin to open. When temperature up to 84 ℃, the thermostat should be fully open. Thermostat need very good maintenance, don't touch injury or let contamination jams, in order not to disturb the normal work of it. No thermostat, will lead to diesel engine cooling water temperature is too low, bad for diesel engine normal operation. Therefore, thermostat damage should be repaired or replaced after, don't cancel.