Tehran International Power Electrical Equipment And Technology Exhibition

- Nov 08, 2017-

This year’s Tehran international power electrical equipment and technology exhibition will be held from 2017.11.4 to 2017.11.7. Exhibition held annually, is sponsored by the department of energy Iran, Iran is the largest and strongest exhibition, is also one of the six big power exhibition of the world today.The exhibition in 2016 with a total area of about 40000 square meters, the exhibition has six pavilion, national pavilion will include China, Germany, South Korea, India, Turkey and Korea.Has now become a professional company to develop the Middle East market, especially the Iranian market, grasp the professional information, understand the current international market trend, grasp the latest technology and signed a contract for the most important exhibition.


Last exhibition in 2016

Exhibition area: 40200 square meters

The number of exhibitors: 470 exhibitors

31000 audience


Production in exhibition :

the Belt and Road

1, transmission and distribution equipment, power grid automation technology and equipment, electric energy metering products;

2, power equipment, electric power construction tools, low-voltage electrical appliances, and building electrical;

3, power plant environmental protection products, insulation materials, winding machine, cable processing equipment;

4, coil, electrical, water and electricity equipment.


Our company is looking forward to participate in this exhibition, Power Engineering people are in the struggle, actively preparing for the generator, engine and other exhibition products.We hope that participation in various domestic and overseas exhibition and expo to promote and elevate reputation, popularity and product knowledge. We hope to show our company's new products and innovative technology through this exhibition, and also show the strength of our company to the industry. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for details.