WUXI WANDI POWER GROUP And NORINCO GROUP Signed The Strategic Cooperation Agreement

- Nov 08, 2018-


In order to further take High power non-road diesel engine industry, speed up the upgrading of products, expand the company's products market, leading the company on the road of sustainable development. Based on the previous good cooperation, WUXI WANDI POWER GROUP and CHINA NORTH INDUSTRIES GROUP CORPORATION(NORINCO GROUP) signed the strategic cooperation agreement in Tianjin on October 23.

NORINCO GROUP has abundant military technology resources and independent engine research and development platform. It has the capability of independent control, intelligence, serialization and systematization of whole machine technology innovation and development. WANDI POWER GROUP has a long history of professional development and production of non-road diesel engines, with mature production processes, strong process control ability, rich market channels and resources and strong market development ability.

Prior to the signing of the agreement, the two sides held a discussion. The senior leaders of both sides reviewed the years of cooperation in product design and technology development. Since 2006, the two sides have been cooperating on the development of the new generation 145 basic prototype, and through years of improvement and optimization of the design and product process, successfully developed a series of "LANDI" high-power diesel engines with excellent technical performance, high reliability and high cost performance, covering 430KW- 1200KW. This series of products belong to the national science and technology project "major science and technology achievements transformation project in Jiangsu province", which has become the leading product of the company and the mainstream product of domestic independent brands in the generator industry.

WANDI POWER GROUP chairman Qian Zhixiang and NORINCO GROUP  chairman Ma Jinfu signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two companies. The cooperation is based on the principle of "mutual complementarity, win-win cooperation, benefit sharing and risk sharing". The two sides should give full play to their respective advantages to carry out extensive cooperation in the areas of product technology development, outsourcing, brand cooperation and market promotion, strengthen coordination and support, and carry out in-depth and all-round long-term strategic cooperation.

The cooperation will be market-oriented, accurately grasp the development direction of the industry and keep up with the overall application level of the industry; We should work hard on product maturity, take multiple measures and mobilize the enthusiasm of technical personnel to promote the continuous deepening of bilateral cooperation.

The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement and the innovation of cooperation model will further expand cooperation areas, deepen cooperation relations and achieve complementary advantages.


At the same time of signing the strategic cooperation agreement, WANDI POWER GROUP and NORINCO GROUP SEVEN ZERO RESEARCH INSTITUTE signed a technical cooperation agreement on the development of the whole diesel engine.

Relevant departments and personnel of both parties attended the signing ceremony.