Research Status Of Natural Gas Engine

- Aug 24, 2017-

Since the beginning of the last century natural gas engine, after 80 years of development, natural gas engine technology has become increasingly mature, at present, most of the natural gas engines are from existing diesel engines or gasoline engine models on the basis of the modified, in addition, because of the current wide range of applications of natural gas engines, technical level gap

Although our country natural gas engine development is fast, but in the overall technology and the foreign advanced level still has the disparity, this has hindered our country natural gas engine independent research and development and the widespread promotion.

In recent years, the engine's well-known manufacturers, consulting companies and research institutions are aimed at the combustion and emission characteristics of natural gas engines, supply systems and control, lean combustion technology, natural gas injection technology and natural gas diesel dual-fuel engine technology, a large number of theoretical and experimental research.