Remain True To Our Original Aspiration And Keep Our Mission Firmly In Mind --recorded The Party Member Education Practice Activity Of Wuxi Wandi Power Group

- Nov 19, 2018-

To promote "studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building" learning education normalized institutionalization, further enhance the consciousness of the party spirit, on November 2, Wuxi Wandi Power Group Party Committee set off three days of party member education practice, nearly 40 party members took part in this activity, successively visited the Premier Zhou Enlai's former residence in Huai 'an and memorial hall and the new fourth army memorial hall, accepted the baptism of the revolutionary spirit in Yancheng.  

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of comrade Zhou Enlai, and all party members come to the former residence and memorial hall of Zhou Enlai in Huai 'an, full of respect and remembrance.


The former residence of Zhou Enlai, No. 7 Fuma Lane, where he spent the 12 spring and autumn years of his life, is full of traces of his childhood life: the room of birth, the study of his childhood, and the wintersweet he watered with his own hands......"Reading for the rise of China" took root here.


The memorial hall shows the demeanor of the great man of Zhou Enlai's generation. The life course of Zhou Enlai's struggle for over half a century is a vivid epitome of the communist party of China not forgetting its original intention and remembering its historical mission.


Standing on 51 steps, we came to the main hall of the memorial. The statue of premier more than four meters high, was printed in our sight. Premier Zhou sat down with a look at the front of him. He looked amiable, solemn, and respectful. All party members who participated in this activity stood in front of the statue, consciously lined up, bowed three times to premier Zhou , deeply remembering the great man of the generation.

Even during his hospitalization, premier Zhou still held 40 meetings, met with 65 batches of foreign guests, and talked with officials from the central government for 254 times. The spirit of hardworking, selfless dedication and serving the people is worth learning for all of us. As a qualified party member, we should learn from premier Zhou's fine style and character, carry forward his spirit, always firmly believe in, never forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind and move forward.


Party members then visited the new fourth army memorial hall in Yancheng, where the blue and white "N4A" armband logo was prominently displayed above the front door. The museum uses the picture material and the real object detail vividly reproduces the history of the new fourth army persisted the central China Anti-Japanese War arduous course. Party members and comrades reviewed the hard and glorious history, and felt the "iron army spirit" forged by the blood of the new fourth army and the patriotic revolutionary enthusiasm loyal to the party and loyal to the people.

This activity will combine the study education of "studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building" and the party member practice education of "go out", party member comrade revisits history through visiting old place, deeply affected and encourage by the revolutionary spirit of the martyr. It is hoped that through this activity, party members and comrades can continue to carry forward the revolutionary spirit, stand on their own duty, devote themselves to their work with more firm faith and pragmatic style, make their own contribution to the society, and truly do not forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind.