Green Wandi, Environmental Protection Power--Wuxi Wandi Power Held Ceremoniously 'WD E3 Series Promotion Seminar'

- Jun 10, 2019-

On May 24, 2019, Wuxi Power Engineering Co., LTD. Held "WD E3 series product introduction meeting" was in wuxi.

After years of development and adjustment, the power generation equipment mainly powered by engines has entered a new period of opportunity for development.This product promotion meeting was highly valued by customers, who came from all over the country to attend.



Qian Zhixiang, chairman of Wandi Power Group and Wuxi Power Engineering Co., LTD., gave the opening speech for the meeting.


Reduce emissions, clean up the environment, harmonious development, is not only the requirements of the country and social progress, but also the social responsibility enterprises must assume. In order to comply with this trend, Wuxi Power has invested a lot of resources and spent many years researching, successfully developing a new series of national diesel engine products with independent intellectual property rights. Wandi power going to the emissions 3 series products to the market as an opportunity to continue to user needs as the leadership, giving full play to the advantages of technology innovation, create green high-end power, enhance the user value, enhance vandy brand in the field of diesel engine on the road of unique competitiveness and advantage, strong power, made the road industry to revitalize the national brand, the power industry development.

Lu Guoping, President of Wandi Power Group, and general manager of Wuxi Power engineering co., LTD,took the "specialized, refined, special, excellent" high quality development road keynote speech.


Competitive market risk is full of opportunities. The main functions, application occasions, control system and environmental protection requirements of the power generation equipment mainly powered by the engine have all undergone great changes. The matching engine has entered the peak period of new product development and upgrading, which fully reflects the survival of the fittest.But at the same time, the steady domestic economic growth, the construction of "One Belt And One Road", the integration of military and civilian, the achievements of the supply-side reform, and the centralized procurement of bidding in some fields and industries also bring new opportunities to enterprises.


At present, the market is suffering from overcapacity, severe profit margin compression and market turmoil, which seriously affect the normal operation of the market.Through product structure, market structure, customer structure and personnel structure adjustment to promote the enterprise is always full of vitality;Adapt to the national industrial policy, create green wandi environmental protection power;Control the manufacturing process through QEHS system to meet the requirements of quality, safety, health and environmental protection.Finally, the overall requirements of seek improvement in stability, efficiency first, high quality and efficiency, new product standard, clear management and team simplification are achieved.


By wuxi power engineering co., LTD., deputy chief engineer Zhu Yanqun introduce WD E3 series high pressure common rail products. 

Compared with electronic control single pump, electronic control high pressure common rail system has more advantages in technology source, oil injection pressure control, oil injection timing and oil injection quantity control, fast oil breaking capacity, oil pump absorption power and other aspects.Ecom pump is a transition product of E3, common rail system is used for all products of E3 to E6.

After the meeting guests visited WD E3 series product.



Visit the scene atmosphere warm, guests showed strong interest on E3 diesel engine, around the machine before observation, communication, consultation, interactive, subscribe for engine.


Through this meeting, wuxi power E3 series of high pressure common rail diesel engine has been widely recognized by customers.In the "specialized, refined, special, excellent" high-quality development on the road wuxi wandi power always strive to move forward.