China Completely Independent Design And Manufacturing Million Kilowatt Nuclear Emergency Diesel Generator For The First Time

- Jan 10, 2018-

On December 27th, 2017, the first machine in the red river nuclear power phase ii project of emergency diesel generator (EDG),which institute design and supply by CGNPC passed a series of factory acceptance test, the formal shipment red plants along the river, it marks the first domestic mega kilowatt nuclear power unit EDG completely independent design and manufacturing, shows that CGNPC's capacity for independent suppliers in the field of EDG get significantly increased, at the same time it has great significance for subsequent processing EDG important technical problems, ensuring the EDG efficient and reliable operation.


EDG is the last line of nuclear power plant electric barrier, it provide emergency power for power plant in accident situation , also known as the "quick kyushin pills" of nuclear power plant.When normal power supply all lose, is a time when EDG works .Generator can starting power supply within the given time, efforts to maintain the reactor core function and safety shutdown, protect the nuclear power units "heart".

Besides contains two key: diesel engine, generator equipment, EDG also has more than ten items of form a complete set of mechanical and electronic instrument system and more than 30 kind of auxiliary equipment, the integrated design of complex, technical indicators of rigid, huge r&d investment , for a long time we have not been able to have a complete domestic EDG integration design and electric control research and development ability.

Since 2015,CGNPC began the red river’s nuclear power phase ii of the emergency diesel generator set for the design and supply of work, through the design, manufacturing, identification, alignment during many links such as, and absorbed in power station more than thousand experience feedback, strictly implement the production on-site technical supervision and quality control measures, finally successfully solved a series of problem of EDG equipment, factory acceptance single row broke the similar unit quickly and the shortest time, since the research equipment alignment one-time through the records, laid a solid foundation for the smooth operation of emergency diesel generator set subsequent and EDG unit major technical problem solving.