60 Years Anniversary(II

- Sep 18, 2017-

Sixty years ago in 1956, wuxi power founded by the government. As a new country, china urgently needed kinds of technology to provide enough power for infrastructure construction. As the leader enterprise in engine technology in china, Wuxi power began to study and produce diesel engine for generator, pump, marine and railway. Several generations started from nothing and spent all their lives making more bigger power and better engine. Engine’s cylinder from beginning 2 to now 12, power from beginning 60hp to now 1200kw.

To celebrate 60 years birthday of wuxi wandi power, we invited all our clients and business friends to wuxi to have a fantastic day.

Wandi Group senior and power management leaders toast to celebrate

We hold celebration in wuxi morden agricultural park, chair man and clients had a speech before the meal.

Celebration went on until afternoon, every one is proud of have relationship with wandi power.

Wan Di Group 60th anniversary guests posed for pictures

Nowadays, wandi brand diesel engine already become the first-level brand in china and always the first choice of the chinese customer. We really hope that we can serve more clients on the world and make Wandi brand a loud name overseas as the represent of good quality and economic choice.