Working principle of diesel generator and control of regulator.

- Mar 01, 2018-

Diesel generator in agricultural production with its basic structure is composed of diesel engine and generator, agriculture in the process of running the diesel generators are generally single cylinder or multi cylinder four stroke diesel engine, startup mainly through its human and other dynamic rotation diesel engine crankshaft to the piston at the top of airtight cylinder reciprocating movement up and down.


Agricultural generator diesel crankshaft will drive the generator rotational power, dc generators and alternator generator, the dc generator is mainly by the field coil and armature, generator body, magnetic core, carbon brushes, etc, its main working principle is when the diesel engine generator armature rotates, because the generator of the magnetic core remanence, so the armature coil cutting lines of magnetic force in magnetic field.


Diesel generator if the alternator agriculture, its main was made by magnetic material multiple poles arranged alternately permanent magnets and silicon cast iron manufacturing and around have more sets of series coil of the armature coils, rotor axial cutting lines of magnetic force driven by diesel engine, the pole of the stator arranged alternately in iron core formed in the alternating magnetic field in coil and the rotor rotation, the direction of the magnetic flux and size transform many times, due to the effect of transformation of the magnetic field, will result in a change to size and direction are in coil conveying the current induced current and the stator winding.


In order to protect its electric equipment, diesel agricultural generator can maintain its normal operation in use, and the current of its generator needs to be adjusted and controlled.


Diesel generator of agriculture within the cylinder, passes through the air filter filtered clean air with the nozzle jet high pressure atomized diesel mix, effective under the extrusion of the piston upward, the volume shrinking, the rise of temperature quickly, so effective reach the flash point of diesel.