Whether the diesel generator set used for fire fighting is flexible and environmental requirements

- Dec 18, 2018-


Fire with diesel generator set, although the name is a little long, but still a diesel generator set, but this diesel generator set is mainly used in the fire, so it is called the fire with diesel generator set.Since this diesel generator set is mentioned at the beginning of the article, below, may as well take this opportunity to have a deep understanding, so that the correct and reasonable use of the product can be achieved.


1. Is there any requirement on the operating environment of diesel generator set for fire fighting?

Ordinary diesel generator set, its use environment and use occasions are some specific requirements, is due to good ventilation, there should be no inflammable explosive objects.In addition, the diesel generator set should be placed in a dry and cool place, if it is used in the open air, need to have a shield, so as to avoid the unit moisture and bring safety risks.Diesel generator set for fire fighting is one of the diesel generator sets, so in the use of the environment or the use of the occasion requirements, and ordinary diesel generator set is about the same, there is no difference.


2. Does the diesel generator set for fire fighting have 500KW?

Diesel generator set for fire fighting, which has the power of 500KW, and there are some instructions in use, which is:

(1) the diesel generator set shall be equipped with fast automatic starting and power automatic switching device, and shall have the function of continuous self-starting for three times.If it is used in a high-rise building, the self-starting switching time cannot exceed 30 seconds.In addition, if there is some difficulty in using self-starting, manual starting device can also be used.

(2) in terms of the starting mode of the unit, it is generally recommended to use electropneumatic, and compressed air is not recommended to start.In terms of the number of units, it is not allowed to exceed 2 units, and the upper limit of the capacity of a single machine is not required to exceed 800KW.


3. Is the use of diesel generator set for fire fighting flexible?

At present, the use of diesel generator set for fire fighting is very flexible, which can be operated independently by a single unit, or multiple units in parallel or integrated into the power system.If multiple units are used for parallel operation and integrated into the grid operation, the power supply capacity can be expanded and the reliability of power supply can be improved.However, it needs to be known that the realization of parallel operation of multiple units needs to meet some conditions, is the requirement of the terminal voltage, frequency, phase and phase sequence of the four are consistent, at the same time, but also the operation of protection devices, in order to automatically reasonable allocation and adjustment of active and reactive power.