Whether it is important to calibrate the power of diesel generating sets for irrigation and common power

- Nov 21, 2018-

软文插入常用Irrigation with diesel generator set is in the operation of irrigation, so, this kind of diesel generating set is called irrigation diesel generating sets, and can know is that it is mainly used in various kinds of irrigation work, therefore, need to have certain knowledge and understanding, so as to properly reasonable use, in turn, to achieve purpose.


1. Is it important to calibrate the power of diesel generating sets for irrigation?


It is very important to calibrate the power of the diesel generating set for irrigation, because this work can determine the upper limit of the allowable power of the diesel generating set, that is, its calibrated power, so as to prevent the diesel generating set from exceeding the power in the process of use and thereby shorten the service life of the product.It is also important to know that the upper limit of the allowable power for a diesel generator set is limited by both mechanical and thermal loads.


2. Are the basic requirements for the use of diesel generating sets for irrigation the same as those for ordinary diesel generating sets?


Diesel generating set for irrigation is a specific type of diesel generating set, so it is the same as ordinary diesel generating set in terms of basic service requirements. It is required to be able to start the power generation automatically, operate safely and reliably, and ensure stable supply voltage and frequency.In addition, it can also meet the requirements of electromechanical equipment.


3. In agricultural irrigation, how many power diesel generators are used more?


In agricultural irrigation, diesel generators are used. Specifically, diesel generators are used for irrigation.And on this kind of diesel generating set, its commonly used power, is is 12 kilowatts and 50 kilowatts these two kinds of power, namely is agricultural irrigation USES 120 million and 50 kilowatts diesel generating set.


4. Notes for installation of diesel generator sets for irrigation.


(1) There shall be no less than 1m space around the diesel generator set. The foundation shall be bonded on the hard soil surface, and concrete ground shall be made after tamping. The ground shall be flat, and shall not be tilted or have debris or obstacles.


(2) The inner diameter of the exhaust pipe of the unit shall not be less than the diameter of the exhaust port of the diesel engine, the bending pipe shall not be more than 3, the Angle of the bending pipe shall be greater than 90 degrees, and the exhaust pipe shall have support or mounting bracket to ensure that the muffler and supercharger of the unit will not bear force.


(3) The installation environment of diesel generating sets for irrigation shall be clean, clean and tidy, free from dust and corrosive substances or gases, and shall not be installed in the open air.In addition, should have good ventilation, temperature not higher than 40 ℃.