When will cylinder shortage occur in the generator?

- Jun 27, 2019-


The lack of cylinder running of the generator means that one cylinder (or two cylinders) does not work during the running process of the engine, while the other cylinders work normally basically.The main reasons for cylinder shortage of generator are as follows:

1. During cold starting in winter, due to the cold weather, some generator cylinders do not work due to idling when starting for the first time every day, but with the increase of operating temperature, all generator cylinders work normally gradually;

2. Due to excessive load, some generator cylinders suffer from mechanical failures such as piston ring fracture, cylinder pulling or valve seal lax, which causes the cylinder compression pressure to fail to meet the requirements and leads to the cylinder not working;

3. Due to the quality problem of the oil used by the user, the coupling parts of the fuel nozzle of the generator are blocked or stuck, so that the cylinder does not spray oil, so the cylinder does not work;

4. The plunger and outlet valve of the fuel pump fail, which leads to wrong oil supply timing of the cylinder or little oil supply, making the cylinder not working;

5. The fuel injector of a generator cylinder does not spray oil due to the electric control system factors (such as no power supply, poor connection of wiring socket, etc.);

6. The inlet and exhaust valve of a certain generator cylinder is ablated or dropped, which causes the cylinder seal not to work.