What’s constitutes of the automatic diesel generator control system?

- Jun 06, 2018-

Automatic diesel generators are very popular in the market because of its efficient and convenient in operation and managment

In fact, automatic diesel generators have so many advantages in large part because of their own control system.To meet different user requirements, so in the design, the product can match different control system, but its main control system can be divided into three parts, respectively for program control, analog control and control of operation and management.

The so-called program control, in fact, refers to the automatic diesel generator operating procedures for the control, generally designed in advance for the operation of the sequence of control.The control signal plays a discrete role, and the parameters are equivalent to the switching amount.As for the form of control signal, it is usually determined by the results of several operation logic operations.For example, for the starting and closing of the unit, it belongs to the content of program control.

Simulation control mainly refers to measuring the actual operating parameters of the automatic diesel generator according to its running state, and then comparing it with the set value.Then according to the deviation between the two, the corresponding physical quantity of the equipment is controlled and regulated.In fact, the function of this control signal is continuous, and parameters generally refer to analog quantity.Or it can be converted into discrete quantities of time by means of periodic sampling.Among them, the regulation of frequency and voltage belongs to the content of analog control.

For automatic operation and management control of diesel generators, usually refers to according to the requirements of the people set by different operation and the need of actual load, according to the order call various automatic device or program accordingly, automatic diesel generator for processing operation, so as to achieve the purpose of the safety control and economic operation.