What is a diesel engine?

- Mar 25, 2019-


Most modern diesel engines use traditional cylinder and piston units operated by a sliding-block crank mechanism common to other internal combustion engines such as gasoline engines.Given this basic mechanism, there is little difference between the basic structure of a diesel engine and a gasoline engine.

Conceptually, diesel engines operate by compressing air to high pressure/temperature and then injecting a small amount of fuel into the hot compressed air.High temperatures cause a small amount of highly atomized jet fuel to evaporate.Mixed with the hot ambient air in the combustion chamber, the evaporated fuel reaches its spontaneous combustion temperature and burns to release the energy stored in the fuel.

Diesel engines are widely used and are at the relative core of the industrial chain.In the past ten years of development, the diesel engine production industry has formed a series of supporting enterprises, many diesel engine enterprises more act as the role of the general assembly, and some key parts of the diesel engine: crank connecting rod, piston, cylinder sleeve, CAM has been handed over to the production of professional companies.The specialized division of labor enables diesel engine manufacturers to more concentrate on their own advantages, focusing on the design and manufacture of diesel engines.