What features do fire engine pumps have?

- Sep 13, 2018-

Many friends do not know exactly what functions the fire engine pump has, but as the user, we must fully understand this knowledge, only in this way, in the practical application of the process, can really give play to the performance of the fire engine pump.First, the device has a number of different startup functions.Compared with other equipment, these several starting functions are relatively perfect.

First of all, the first is the manual start function, that is, the user can use the switch of fire engine pump to realize manual and automatic interlock, and also can complete the manual start operation . Second is the automatic start function, which can be started three times in a row. If all three times are unsuccessful, the "start failure alarm" will be issued and the start state will be automatically withdrawn.

If the startup is successful, it takes about five seconds, ten seconds, or fifteen seconds from the start up to the load rating of the fire engine pump.The specific time will vary according to the size of the unit.The last one is the emergency manual direct start function.If the automatic control device is abnormal, it can be used to start operation.

In general, the fire engine pump has a high level of automation, in practical application, the equipment can automatically enter the running state.For example, after the pump unit receives the effective fire control signal, even if the power supply system of the motor fire pump is cut off or there is an abnormal failure to start, the equipment will still start operation and automatically switch to the electric pump after the power supply system returns to normal.

In addition to the above mentioned features, the fire engine pump also has a more intelligent function, that is, it can realize automatic shut down.If the fire signal disappears, it will slowly enter the shutdown state.http://www.wandiengine.com/