What causes the low power of diesel generators?

- Nov 23, 2018-

软文插入常用The failure of diesel generating sets during operation may easily cause the unit's power deficiency, which can be reflected on the ammeter or judged on the control panel of the generating set. What are the reasons for the power deficiency of diesel generating sets?

1. Diesel generator unit overheating, ambient temperature too high.

Overhaul cooler and radiator to remove scale;Check whether the pipe is too small.If the ambient temperature is too high, ventilation should be improved and cooling measures should be temporarily strengthened.

2. Fuel system failure

1) remove air from the fuel system or replace fuel filter pellets.

2) check and repair the fuel injection pump or replace the fitting.

3) observe or adjust the injection pressure when the injector has poor atomization or low injection pressure, and check the nozzle fittings or replace them.

3. Input and output system failure

1) clean the air filter core or dust off the paper filter, and check whether the oil level is normal.

2) clear the carbon accumulated in the exhaust pipe;Reinstall exhaust nozzles with no more than three bends and a sufficiently large exhaust section.

4. turbocharger failure

1) the bearing of the supercharger suffers wear and friction, and the bearing needs to be checked and replaced.       

2) The inlet pipe of a compressor or turbine is contaminated, blocked or leaky.Clean the air inlet, shell and wiping the impeller;Tighten joint nut, clamp, etc.

5. Cylinder cover component failure

1) screw down the big stud nut or replace the cylinder cover gasket according to the specified torque, and shave the joint surface if necessary. 

2) air leakage of inlet and exhaust doors. 

3) valve spring is damaged.

4) incorrect valve clearance. Oil injector hole leak or its steel washer damaged.

6. The surface of connecting rod bearing shell and crankshaft connecting rod is bitten

Remove the side cover plate of the diesel generator set, check the side clearance of the connecting rod head, and see whether the big end of the connecting rod can move back and forth. If not, it means to bite the hair. The axle neck should be repaired and the connecting rod bearing shell should be replaced.