What are the reasons when the diesel engine can't start and how to solve the problem?

- Dec 09, 2017-

WD305 series diesel engines are our company’s newly-developed  diesel engines. During the process of continuous development and improvement, domestic and overseas advanced internal combustion engine technologies are introduced.

When using the diesel engine, there may be something wrong with the engine. Next, I will introduce some probable causes which may affect the normal operation of the diesel engine and give you corresponding solution to solve the problem, hoping to help you.


A. Fault in fuel system:


1. Air trapped in fuel system.

Check fuel piping connections. If loose, tighten it. Loose the vent screw on the injection pump and fuel filter, work the hand priming pump till fuel flowing out of the vent screws is without air bubbles, tighten the vent screws and the hand pump knob.

Loose the injector high pressure piping connector and actuate the injection pump plunger by means of a screw driver till fuel flowing out of the high pressure piping is without air bubbles. Tighten the connector and pump plunger another few strokes so that the injector is filled with fuel.


2. Fuel piping blocked.

Check and clean.


3. Fuel filter choked.

Clean or renew element.


4.  Feed pump supplies fuel irregularly.

Check the inlet piping for leakage. If the fuel inlet pipe and its connections are normal, dismantle the feed pump for check and repair.


5. Fuel injected too little or no fuel at all. Fuel spray not atomized.

Take the injector out of the cylinder head. Connect it with high pressure fuel piping to observe its spray. Actuate the injection pump plunger and check weather its spray is normal. If necessary, replace couple.


B. Fault in starting system:


1. Wires not correctly connected or not in firm contact.

Check and correct.


2. Battery not charged.

Use fully charged batteries or temporarily series connect another battery for starting.


3.Bad contact between the brushes and commutator of the starting motor.

Repair or renew the brushes. Polish the commutator surface with sand paper and blow clean.


C. Compression pressure insufficient:


1. Piston rings worn.

 Renew. If the liner is also worn, renew it at the same time.


2. Valves leaked.

Check valve lash, valves springs, valve guide and sealing of the valves with their seats. If the valve seating line is not continuous, lap the valve with its respective seat until a bright, even, continuous band is obtained.http://www.wandiengine.com/