What are the main losses of diesel generator during operation?

- Oct 25, 2018-


Diesel generator sets have been widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense, science and technology and daily life, but its parts will have a certain loss in the long-term operation process, and the light will have an impact on the safe operation of the equipment, and serious loss will cause the equipment to be unable to operate normally.So what are the losses of diesel generators during operation?Let's learn together.

The loss of generator sets can be roughly divided into five categories: mechanical loss, iron loss, stator copper loss, electrical additional loss and excitation loss.During the operation of the generator, almost all the losses are in the form of heat.

(1) mechanical loss mainly includes ventilation loss, bearing friction loss and so on.

(2) iron loss refers to the loss of magnetic flux of the generator in the iron core, mainly the hysteresis loss and eddy current loss of the main magnetic flux in the stator iron core, as well as the additional loss.

(3) stator copper loss refers to all losses caused by stator current flowing through stator windings.

(4) additional electrical losses are more complex, mainly including loss of end leakage flux in the iron components nearby, loss of various harmonic flux, and iron loss of tooth harmonic and high-order harmonic in the surface of rotor.

(5) excitation loss is the loss caused by rotor circuit, mainly the copper loss caused by excitation current in excitation circuit.

These are the five major losses in the operation of the generator Shared by Wuxi power engineering Co., LTD.In order to prevent the abrasion of the generator equipment and ensure the safe operation of the equipment, users are invited to carry out regular maintenance on these parts to improve the maintenance quality and extend the service life of the generator set.