What are the characteristics of different diesel generators?

- Feb 28, 2018-

First of all, we're actually talking about the standard set of diesel generators, which is actually the general site that is used for installation in the machine room.Then, so the diesel generating set is also dominated by diesel engine, and there will be a generator and control system, moreover, it is also including organic, shock absorbing device, and there will be a cooling system and fuel supply system.

Then, in terms of type of diesel generator protection unit, to a large extent, actually is also will be directly applied to for the noise itself, is also no special requirements of outdoor place.In the case of this unit, it is mainly composed of a standard unit or a protective cover and smoke exhaust system.

Type because of the protective shield shell on the diesel generator set in no or noise reduction device, as long as it can meet ventilation and also can prevent rain and snow conditions, it is because of this, we also is to actually pay attention to is also on its shape volume is small, and its performance on cost, that is, will be lower.When the unit is running, it is important to be careful to open the window for ventilation.

For protective type diesel generator on protective type power station, we can to a great extent, actually is also a single, or is more than one parallel use, to use its many sets of parallel, to a great extent, actually is also will be applicable to the load change is bigger, and is a time when its continuous operation of the relatively high reliability requirement and using its low-cost economy situation.

Finally, just stop now diesel generating set is widely used in environmental protection have special requirements on outdoor or indoor the need for protection, noise reduction, at this point, we will find that, actually is now diesel generating sets, standard is also the main unit, and sound proof cover, next, is also included into the exhaust noise and exhaust noise reduction device, etc.http://www.wandiengine.com/