Various faking methods of diesel generator sets ( alternator )

- Feb 27, 2018-

2. Alternator

The function of alternator is to convert the power of diesel engine into electric power, which is directly related to the quality and stability of the output power. The diesel generator factories mostly also make alternator, and there are a number of well-known manufacturers specializing in the production of alternator.

As a result of the generator production technical threshold is not high, so the diesel generator set manufacturer usually sell alternator , world famous brand generators also set factories in china, complete localization is realized. For example, the us marathon has set up a factory in Shanghai, and Stanford has set up a factory in wuxi, France leroysomer set factory in Fuzhou.

2.1 confusing the audio-visual with similar factory names.

Because the diesel generator is more self-produced, and because the cost of the whole unit is not high, so there are not many sets of fake machines and refurbished machines. But like the diesel engine, many manufacturers of bad generators also use the same name of the same name to confuse the method of playing the side ball, pretending to be a brand name.

Stamford generator, for example, the market has Shanghai Stanford, Hong Kong Stanford, Stanford, etc., shandong actually all is false, only registered the characters of Stanford company name or trademark. Even wuxi, where Stanford is located, is not really true. Real Stanford predecessor company called: ac power technology co., LTD., wuxi new era for the British owned, is now the United States cummins, changed its name to: cummins power generation technology (China) co., LTD.

The technical threshold of the generator is not high, and the quality is entirely dependent on the fine material.

2.2 stator core silicon steel sheet.

The stator iron core is formed by the superposition of the silicon steel sheet after the stamping, and the quality of the silicon steel is directly related to the size of the stator magnetic circulation. The silicon steel sheet of yongguan generator is made of Shanghai baosteel silicon steel sheet, which is also used in Shanghai baosteel silicon steel sheet.

2.3 the material of stator coil.

The stator coil used to be all copper wire, but with the improvement of production line technology, copper clad aluminum conductor appeared. It is different from the copper clad aluminum wire. The copper clad aluminum conductor is made of copper clad aluminum with special mold in the forming process, and the copper layer is much thicker than the copper plating. The stator coils of the generator are not much different in performance than that of copper clad aluminum wires, but they are much shorter than the whole copper wire stator coils.

The method of identification: copper clad aluminum conductor and copper plated aluminum wire because the wire diameter ratio is the same as the copper wire of the same specification, so the stator of copper clad aluminum conductor and copper plated aluminum wire can only be used for 5/6 pitch and 48 slots. Copper wire can do 2/3 pitch and 72 slots. Open the back cover of the motor and count the number of stator core slots.

Weifang DE man power quotation about material in the technical agreement, pitch and number of turns, no missing data, is to provide to the customer as attachments to the contract, clear in the contract, if there is any discrepancy, the holiday punished ten. And most manufacturers, these data are not available to the customer.

2.4 pitch and turn of stator coil.

All copper wire is also used, and the stator coil can be made into 5/6 pitch and 48 turns. Because the coil is less than 24 turns, copper wire dosage is reduced, the cost can be reduced by 10%.

The copper wire diameter of the two thirds pitch and 72 turns is 30%, and the winding number of each turn is more. The current waveform is stable and not easy to heat. The identification method is the same as the number of stator cores.

2.5 rotor bearing

Rotor bearing is the only wear part in generator. The gap between rotor and stator is very small, and the bearing is not good. After wearing, it is very easy to produce the rotor friction stator, commonly known as "cleaning the chamber", which can produce high heat and burn the generator.

2.6 excitation mode

Generator excitation method is divided into phase compound excitation and brushless self-excitation. The brushless self-excitation system has become the mainstream with the advantages of excitation stability and simple maintenance. However, some manufacturers are still considering the configuration of the compound generator in the generator set below 300KW for cost. The method of identification is very simple, from the radiator outlet of the generator with the flashlight to look in, there is a brush is the phase compound.

The dynamo configured by deman power, from the smallest 10KW to 2000KW, is brushless self-excitation.

DE man power configuration of generator, on the basis of the brushless excitation are equipped with permanent magnet excitation, and ensure the stability of generator excitation, ensure the generating set under the condition of big starting torque and stable operation.

3. Control system

Ordinary standard units need to be manually operated, and it usually takes 10 to 30 minutes to start the power supply from power failure to diesel generator set.

The automatic control of diesel generator sets is divided into semi-automatic and automatic unattended type. Automatically start automatically when the generator is out of power, automatically stop the call, save the time to start the shutdown, but still need to manually reverse the brake. The hospital, the army, fire control and other places should be equipped with full automatic control screen.

3.1PLC control module.

The famous brand controller has the following brands: DSE, British deep-sea controller (average price of 2500 yuan); Komai, original imported Czech controller (average price 2200); Kaixun, Hong Kong kaixun (the average price is 1200 yuan), is produced in guangzhou; Zhongzhi, henan zhengzhou production (average price 800 yuan).

The deep sea is the senior manufacturer of the control module of generator sets, and the main control software and design ideas of other products in the market are used in the deep sea. Deep-sea controllers are far more reliable than other brands.

3.2 control box original device.

Control box in addition to the control of the main module, there are many auxiliary electrical components, such as circuit breakers, relays, fuses, yong crown power generation using the ABB, omron international brand electrical appliances, such as failure rate is extremely low, ensure the electrical stability.

Relay, for example, a domestic chint belt base is 8 yuan, and omron is 48 yuan, the whole control box components all adopt international brand costs increased by only 1500 yuan, but the electrical failure rate greatly reduced, the quality of the rose by more than one class.

4. Accessories

Diesel generator set attached standard parts by the cooling water tank, oil tank, chassis, battery, battery cables, muffler, shock pad, air filter, diesel filter, oil filter, corrugated pipe and exhaust pipe, flange, pipeline.

The auxiliary standard parts of diesel generator set include low noise box, rainproof box, mobile trailer, water jacket heater, self-starter controller, full automatic control screen, etc. Users can choose and match as needed.

4.1 cooling water tank

The main effect of radiator tank is to exchange the heat in the diesel engine with water to reduce the body temperature. The water tank is arranged in series by the vertical one root water pipe, the gap fills the metal heat sink.

In the market, more than 90% of the generator set is aluminum, the aluminum water tank is not corrosion resistant, easy to leak, but it is adopted because of the low cost.

The gap of each water pipe is 0.8cm, and the actual water tank used by most diesel generators is 1CM, and some even use 1.2cm gap.

4.2 fuel tank and tubing.

Most of the diesel generator set manufacturer is not as yong crown power as a standard configuration, the tank quotation does not include the fuel tank, user ignore the past don't mention, the user asks about the work to send a, if the price if the price is low requires the customer to add money, ask for oil tank, oil pipe in the inquiry.

4.3 chassis

In the current market, the bottom 90% of the generator set is made of steel plate bending, and the plate bending is widely adopted because of its beautiful appearance and low cost. But chassis plate bending with low strength, poor rigidity, once do not pay attention to operation or move a few times can cause genset concentricity deviation, concentricity deviation shorten generator bearing life light, or cause burning power generation JiSao chamber.

4.4 battery and battery lead.

The battery is divided into ordinary lead acid storage battery and free maintenance battery. The latter is twice as expensive as the former, and it must be clarified in the contract or technical agreement as to what kind of battery and battery lead.

4.5 silencer, bellows, joint flange.

The silencer is generally a honeycomb industrial silencer, most manufacturers as standard. However, most of the bellows and exhaust pipes are unworthy, and the yongguan power generation is standard configuration, which eliminates the annoyance of users in the installation.

The corrugated pipe is installed between the body and the muffler, absorbing vibration, and the diesel generator set above 300KW must be configured.

4.6 air filter, diesel filter, oil filter.

The diesel engine bought by the generator set itself comes with a set of air filter, diesel filter and oil filter, and most of the generator sets are standard. However, some bad manufacturers remove them and sell them separately, so they must ask for air cleaner, diesel filter and oil filter. As long as you ask, generator set manufacturer generally does not intercept.

4.7 shock pad

The cushioning pad is installed between the body and the chassis to absorb the vibration. According to the shape, it can be divided into square cushioned cushion and bow-shaped cushion. Please ask if there is a cushioning cushion.

TWO. Carefully calculated the price of diesel generator set.

Front has the structure of the diesel generator set is clear, the composition of price change is very simple: diesel prices price + + generator control system + attached parts price + assemble fee + factory + profit tax.

1. Understanding of the price of diesel engine, generator, control system and ancillary parts.

After the selection of generator sets, the manufacturers of diesel engines, generators, control systems and accessories are all clear.

If some manufacturers do not provide you with basic technical parameters, or provide incomplete parameters, such manufacturers are untrustworthy and give up early so as not to be fooled.

2. The price accounting is true and false.

Price calculation without processing factory profit, cost price calculation after comparing with the lowest price for each manufacturer after communication, below your cost calculation of the manufacturer must be have a problem, not to be trusted completely. As the saying goes: only buy the wrong and not sell wrong, you believe that the manufacturer will sell you the product at a loss?

Some manufacturers reported the price can not even buy diesel engine, the inevitable diesel engine is false. Some manufacturers reported that the price is higher than the diesel engine, but lower than the total price of the diesel engine and the generator, and the diesel engine or generator is false. Some manufacturers offer price higher than the total price of diesel engine and generator, but lower than the cost of your calculation, the diesel engine or generator or control system is not complete.

In the factory which is higher than your accounting cost, choose the final cooperation object, and leave reasonable profit for the other party, and the price is too hard, which will lead to the lag of the after-sales service of some manufacturers.

Of course, there are also fake products that sell high prices, which need to refer to the various identification methods listed in the previous article.