Various faking methods of diesel generator sets ( diesel engine )

- Feb 07, 2018-

Diesel generators are mainly divided into four parts: diesel engines, alternator, control systems and accessories.

1. Diesel engine

Diesel engine is the power output part of the whole unit, which accounts for 70% of the cost of diesel generator unit. It is the link that some bad manufacturers like to make fake. Any diesel generator manufacturer's diesel engine is purchased.

1.1 fake the nameplate

At present, the famous diesel engines in the market have imitated manufacturers.

For example, Dahao engine is produced by the wuxi dahao power company, looks like the VOLVO model. The air filter is made of the original VOLVO, which is marked with VOLVO logo.

For example, SanChai diesel engine produced in chongqing, claims that every screw is the same as cummins, with only one letter different with cummins model.

When it comes to SDEC, there are more imitations of the manufacturers, maybe dozens . They call it shangchai as long as the diesel engine made in shanghai .

All these imitation engine’s annual sales for billions , but regardless the user or on the market could not  found any diesel generator set with these brand engine like I mentioned, why? The answer is fake nameplate. These imitated diesel engines were bought by some manufacturers ,  and sold them as famous brands like cummins,volve and sdec.

Generator manufacturers use these appearance as famous brand, by cooking the nameplate, playing really serial number, false printing factory data and certificate, realistic-looking, achieve the goal of greatly reduced cost.

It is very difficult for most users to distinguish these machine. The bad manufacturer will say that you can call the origin factory number to check the serial number and the number is true, so the query result is not credible.

Each big diesel engine factory have after-sale service stations all over the country, with the generating set manufacturer stated in the contract: the seller guarantees that the diesel engine is XXX factory original authentic power plant diesel engine and new type no tampered with, or false one penalty ten, will be subject to the after-sales service station identification results, contact identified by the buyer, the expenses shall be borne by the seller. The clear manufacturer full name is wanted.

As long as you keep this article is written in the contract, and must do, bad manufacturer is absolutely can't bear this risk, probably will have the new quote, quote you a price which is much higher than the previous cost.

1.2 refurbishing old machine

Each brand has the refurbishment old machine, also is difficult to distinguish if not the professional personnel, the method is identical.

But there are some exceptions that don't have to be identified at all. Such as guangdong some manufacturer cummins renovated the old machine imported from India, because India also have cummins factory, these bad claims to be imported cummins diesel engine factory, also can provide the customs certificate.

In fact, cummins has two joint ventures in China: xiangfan dongfeng cummins and chongqing cummins, so there is a trade protection agreement. Cummins in factories around the world are designated sales area, it is strictly prohibited to conflict, all so-called imported cummins engine can't be new, unless the smuggling, but there will be no customs proves that smuggling.

1.3 confuse the audio-visual with similar factory names.

These undesirable manufacturers belong to a little timid, dare not make a brand, renovate, be in the name of the factory name and the name of the diesel engine , with similar factory name diesel engine name confuses the user.

Shandong cummins, for example, actually not associated with cummins engine , only registered a shandong cummins generator co., LTD., the name and the Chinese character "cummins" trademark, repurchase of various configurations of diesel generating sets are external said shandong cummins generator set.

For example, the Shanghai dongfeng diesel engine institution, which claims to be the research institute of shangchai,in fact has little to do with the stake.

For example, the Shanghai diesel generator set has registered the trademark of "shangchai", which claims to be the SDEC. In fact, the trademark of the real Shanghai diesel engine co., ltd. is "dongfeng".

To deal with them is the old way, the contract to write the full name of the original factory diesel engine, the after-sales service station to do the identification, 1 penalty 10. This kind of factory is mostly timid, most of them will immediately change their quotation.

1.4 small horse but heavy vehicle .

Confuse KVA with KW. Use KVA as KW to inflate power and sell it to customers. In fact, KVA is regarded as the power, KW is the effective power, and the relationship between them is 1KVA= 0.8kw. The imported unit generally USES KVA to represent the power unit, while the domestic electric equipment is generally expressed in KW, so the KVA should be converted into KW when calculating the power.

Do not talk about the relationship between prime power and standby power, just say a "power", and sell the standby power as prime power to the customer. In fact, the standby power =1.1x prime power. In addition, backup power can only be used for 1 hour in 12 hours.

The power of the diesel engine is as large as the power of the generator to reduce the cost. In fact, the industry generally stipulates that diesel engine power is more than 10 percent power, because of mechanical loss. More bad, and the diesel engine horsepower as kw false positives to the user, and use diesel engine’s power less than diesel generator power allocation unit, commonly known as: small horse-heavy truck, result is life reduced and maintain frequently with high fee.

In the identification, only the rating and standby power of the diesel engine is required, diesel engine manufacturers are all published on their website and catalog( Wandi power WD327TAD68 prime 682kW/standby 750kW). Only need the power of the diesel engine is 10% more than the  power of the generator set.

1.5 change the nameplate power to smaller one .

Replace the nameplate of a high-power diesel engine to a small diesel engine with a small charge, large enough to reduce the cost. Methods with diesel engine article 1, stated in the contract: the seller guarantees that the diesel engine is XXX factory original authentic power plant diesel engine and new type no tampered with, or false one penalty ten, will be subject to the XXX factory to after-sales service station identification results, contact identified by the buyer, expenses shall be borne by the seller. Want to write pure manufacturer full name, and insist to do appraisal.

1.6 diesel engines for power stations.

Diesel generator set diesel engine should be a special diesel engine for power station, its speed should be stable at 1500 RPM. However, the construction diesel engine, Marine diesel engine and other non-power station special diesel engine speed range is changed to fixed 1500 RPM, which is not as stable as the generator diesel engine. The method is the same as above.