This paper describes the characteristics of anti - sound diesel generator.

- Mar 08, 2018-

About diesel generator, it will to a great extent, actually is also widely used in the environmental protection also is actually will have special requirements on outdoor or indoor the need for protection, to reduce the noise of the key, to a great extent, actually is also because of its standard units, there is a sound shields shell, moreover, is there will be a device into the exhaust noise and exhaust noise reduction and other parts.


And, like the name of the figure proof diesel generator, we also is to actually pay attention to is the main feature of it, to a large extent also is actually refers to pay attention to have a sound proof cover set sound insulation and sound absorption layer, furthermore, it into the exhaust channel, that is, to pay attention to should be to do a series of noise reduction processing or its exhaust using combination of industrial and residential type muffler, so that it will to a large extent also is actually the lower its high frequency and low frequency noise respectively.


Moreover, one aspect will reunite, for A standard figure diesel generator, its noise itself actually is also in 78 ~ 85 db (A), with respect to its super anti noise figure unit actually is also generally in 70 ~ 78 db (A).


Against figure for super figure diesel generator sets, it will to a large extent, actually also is on the basis of the standard figure prevention unit for noise emission are taking a more strict control measures, more common, actually is also should be pay attention to using labyrinth into the design of the exhaust channel.


Finally, against figure said to super figure diesel generator sets, with respect to its physical size is larger, on its manufacturing cost is also against figure than the standard figure is far more diesel generator sets.

However, in general, it is necessary to operate, maintain and repair the sound shield, whether it is the anti-sound unit or the super anti-sound unit.