The selection of lubricating oil of the WD305 series diesel engine

- Nov 16, 2017-

The lubricating oil for the engine should be grade CF-4 according to GB11122-2006. For the users in the warm area, you can choose lubricating oil of grade CF all year around which can be very helpful to improve lubricating conditions, reduce mechanical wear and extend its lifetime.


For the users in cold area, special thickening oil with lower freezing point is needed. Kind suggestion is as following: When the lowest ambient temperature is -15℃, oil of grade 20W-40 is needed. The lowest temperature reaches -20℃, oil of grade 15W-40 is needed. The lowest temperature is -25℃, oil should be grade 10W-40. The lowest temperature is -30℃, oil should be 5W-40. The lowest environmental temperature is -35℃, please choose grade 0W-40.


Replacement cycle for the lubricating oil

1. Lubricating oil should be changed in time after first 60 hours run-in operation.

2.Generally, lubricating oil should be renewed when the machine runs every 200h-250h. If the engine runs in a good environment, 300h-350h can be possible. The oil should be exhausted when the machine is hot. You can exhaust the oil as soon as the engine stops.


Note: This engine belongs to supercharged diesel engine with high strength and intercooler. Therefore, the lubricating oil shouldn’t be lower than grade CF and mixed different grades together.


The grease lubricant for the engine’s roller bearing of fan pulley is the same as the cars’ lithium grease (GB5671). The grease chamber has been fulfilled before delivery, and users should check and refill it when maintaining the engine.