The related installation, start-up and operation of diesel generator are described.

- Mar 05, 2018-

He said first of all, to the diesel generator set start before the start of preparation, first of all, we actually is also must pay attention to a large extent also is actually should check the an oil level of lubricating oil and the coolant fluid level and fuel quantity;

Furthermore, in terms of another, we also is to actually pay attention to check a fuel supply of diesel generator itself and its lubrication and cooling system whether have oil leakage phenomenon.


Moreover, we also is to actually pay attention to diesel generator before the start, we actually is also should be to inspect the electrical circuit doesn't have to break the skin, such as leakage hidden trouble, look at the ground wire electrical wiring is loose, units and base if the connection is strong.

When the temperature of the environment is below zero, we should be adding a certain proportion of antifreeze to the radiator.


Then, diesel generator for the first time you start or stop to start it again after a long time, at this point, we also is to actually pay attention to should be to first go to pump was used as the fuel system of air.


There is another dimension, diesel generators during startup, we actually is also must pay attention to the direct insurance of shu on the control box, hold down the start button, then press the button 3 ~ 5 s, when it start is not successful, we should actually is also should pay attention to is to wait to start it again after about 20 s.


Finally, for the diesel generator on the start many times is not successful, it to a great extent, in fact, that is, to pay attention to should be going to stop on the start of the operation, it is out of battery voltage or oil after fault factor, to start it again;

When starting up, pay attention to the oil pressure. When the oil pressure is not shown or when it is low, pay attention to stop and check immediately.