What should be paid attention to in the quasi-synchronous juxtaposition of generator sets?

- Mar 06, 2019-


Quasi-contemporaneous juxtaposition is manual operation, whether the operation is smooth and the experience of operation personnel has a great relationship, in order to prevent non-contemporaneous juxtaposition, the following three conditions are not allowed to close.

1. When the same period table pointer jumping phenomenon, not allowed to close, because the same period table internal may have the phenomenon of tape, reflect the correct juxtaposition conditions.

2. When the synchronous table is rotated too fast, it indicates that the frequency difference between the generator set to be combined and another generator set is too large. Because the closing time of the circuit breaker is difficult to master, the circuit breaker is often not closed at the same time, so it is not allowed to close at this time.

3. If the chronograph pointer stops at the chronology point, stop time is not allowed to close.This is because the circuit breaker in the closing process, if the frequency of one of the generator sets suddenly changes, it is possible to make the circuit breaker just closed at the non-synchronous