The output power of the engine

- Oct 28, 2017-

The engine as the power source of the car, is just like the human heart. I believe that everyone will be familiar to the engine. However, specifically do you know something about the output power of the engine? Then, let’s learn something about the engine to have a deeper understand of the engine.

Engine power refers to the working speed of the engine. The work done in the engine unit time is called the power of the engine. The difference between the indication power and the effective work (output power), is called the mechanical loss power.

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WD305 series engine outputs its power by flywheel and SAE connector which is used to drive working machinery. Belt pulley can’t be fixed to the flywheel directly, and the machine can’t be dragged in lateral direction, because they can damage the engine’s crankshaft and main bearings easily.

The maximum output power of the engine’s front extension shaft should be within 50kw, but some applications include bearings and clutch etc must be fixed to support the shaft. The power it can bear to be dragged in lateral direction must be controlled within 11kw to protect the main crankshaft and driving gears. For those engines with a fan, dragged in lateral direction is forbidden.


Note: The engine shouldn’t be started with load, therefore, a engaging and disengaging device should be fixed between the engine and those load devices can’t be operated without load, and operator should start the engine when the clutch is released.


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