The method of extending the service life of diesel generator coupling

- Jul 13, 2018-

In order to prolong the service life of diesel generator matching parts, the first point, which is to pay attention to must strictly implement the system of fuel oil sediment filter, is for the filling of diesel, should be at least go through 48 hours after precipitation can be taken.The diesel oil used in diesel generators should be of a standard type that is more seasonal

The oil filling tool on the diesel generator is also special for cleaning.The oil filling and oil storage place should also be kept clean. In this regard, it can avoid the wear and tear of the accelerating coupling caused by dirty materials mixed with oil, and reduce the service life of the coupling itself.

Want to prolong the service life of the diesel generator couple, it to a large extent, is also should be to develop relatively strict technical specifications in maintenance and fuel filter work also is in commonly 100 hours, fuel tank work to wash once every 500 hours, if filter break failure is found, the are supposed to be replaced in time, can't put it removed and adopts once-through fuel supply.

Diesel generator parts should be disassembled and inspected once after 500 hours under normal working conditions.During disassembly inspection, it is necessary to keep the place, hands, tools and cleaning oil clean. In this way, it is possible to avoid accidental contamination.When removing operation, can't play, knocking the disorderly heap at the time of cleaning can not place, should not and other basin to wash a couple together, that is, is to avoid the touch or bruising.

When assembling diesel generator parts, it is not allowed to change the assembly position at will to achieve some purposes that do not meet the working requirements of diesel generator machines.In pretend to oil valve tightly with nozzle cap nut, should be pay attention to the torque tighten in accordance with the relevant provisions, in this way, is to make sure that the fuel injector and fuel injection pump assembly after the technical state of good sex.