What’s the main reasons affect the voltage of silent type generator ?

- Feb 05, 2018-

Silent type generator is applied to the place where need power supply and without any noise, such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, bank, hotel or special meeting place, etc.This kind of generator has higher price than usual one .However, users have found that sometimes the generator voltage is not so stable as power grid, so what’s the reason?

1.Engine’s speed is not stable.

2.the damage of the diesel generator voltmeter cause of voltage instability.But Now,most generating set use intelligent monitor, so has no such phenomenon .

3.generator set under heavy load can also cause voltage instability

4.voltage regulator components broken

5.fuel pipe blockage cause engine speed instability , this can be attributed to point 1.
In addition, the using equipment’s loading instability can cause the generator voltage instability, to avoid this phenomenon, we advice to have someone be responsible for guarding, regular maintenance to guarantee the above phenomenon will not occur, and ensure all the parts in good condition, so that we can lay the first stone for the future business.