The intake process and compression stroke of gasoline agricultural generator

- Sep 14, 2018-

Gasoline generator in agricultural production is mainly in the process of stator, rotor, end cover and bearing parts, in the process of work of the gasoline generators agriculture effectively convert the chemical energy into mechanical energy of the machine, the equipment of the conversion process is actually the process of the work cycle, is simply through the burning of fuel in the cylinder, kinetic energy is produced.

Air intake in the process of gasoline generator in agriculture, the generator inlet valve will open the exhaust valve closed, when to use as the piston movement from top dead center to lower dead center and piston at the top of the cylinder volume increases, which makes the pressure inside the cylinder will be below the atmospheric pressure, which caused inside the cylinder, vacuum suction and air through the intake pipe and inlet valve on the intake valve, at the same time of nozzle jet atomization gas and air mixture.

In order to make the combustible mixture of the inhaled cylinder burn rapidly, the gasoline agricultural generator can generate large pressure, which will make the engine produce relatively high power. Therefore, the combustible mixture must be compressed before combustion to reduce the volume, increase the density and increase the temperature, that is, the compression process is needed.

In the process of gasoline agricultural generator, the inlet and exhaust doors are all closed, and the crankshaft drives the piston to move one stroke from the lower stop to the upper stop, that is, the compression stroke.At this point, the pressure of the mixture will increase to 0.6-1.2mpa and the temperature can reach 600-700k.

The gasoline agricultural generator is very fuel efficient in operation, and has high economic efficiency. The low-noise generator set, which can be used at any time and anywhere, the stable automatic voltage regulation system and oil warning system of the whole equipment are reassuring to use.