The installation requirements of diesel generators

- Jul 14, 2018-

when installed, it should be around to pay attention to leave space of not less than 1 m, for the tank terminal, to a great extent, is also should pay attention to should be according to radiator core lien a ventilation window size.For this reason, it is actually the minimum size of the diesel generator set room, which can be enlarged according to the needs of users.

Next, we actually is also must pay attention to the diesel generating sets foundation is also direct is built on the hard ground, after compaction, do 200 mm thick concrete ground, the ground itself that is to pay attention to keep flat.As the user will be constructed in the computer room, in a certain extent, that is, to pay attention to embed lifting roof above the unit with beams (below 250 kw or less don't), to facilitate future maintenance use.

Next, the diesel generator room itself is to pay attention to should be well ventilated, the ground should also be kept smooth and skid prevention.Actually is also must pay attention on unit exhaust pipe diameter can not be less than diesel engine exhaust outlet diameter, on the bend, that is, to pay attention to can not exceed 3, bend Angle, that is, should be more than 90 degrees, the exhaust pipe should be supported or lifting bracket, ensure the unit silencer, the supercharger etc. Don't stress.

The next thing I want to talk about in the diesel generator room is that you should have a fire extinguisher and other fire fighting tools.And the unit itself is composed of diesel engine, ac synchronous generator, its control panel, chassis, coupling and radiator, fuel tank, etc.

The diesel engine on the diesel generator and the shaft of the generator will actually be connected directly.And in general, we're just going to notice that in terms of its principal axis it's going to have a flywheel to increase the smoothness of the operation.In general, diesel generators will be assembled by manufacturers into a set of units on the supply.