The inlet and exhaust system and use characteristic of the WD164 series diesel engines

- Dec 16, 2017-

The inlet and exhaust system are mainly about inlet pipe, exhaust pipe, exhaust transition pipe, inlet nozzle, gasket, pipe cover, air filter, etc of parts.


WD164 series diesel engine have only one intake pipe.Intake pipe are made from cast aluminum, volume is larger, can rise to regulated effect. Lumen both airway also have channel, intercooler will supercharger compression after the high temperature air cooling, after each cylinder after inlet into the cylinders for combustion; At the same time by the body of each cylinder on hole into the cylinder head of the cooling water collect in front of thermostat outlet pipe into the tank. Inlet pipe installation must be pay attention to, the intake pipe and cylinder head joint surface must be sealed to prevent water inlet pipe leakage, do not allow metal scraps any sundry, or suction cylinder will cause part damage accident.


Generator engine exhaust pipe of WD164 series is made of cast iron. Exhaust outside tube general to outdoor or underground pipeline, pipes should not be too long or sharp turn, bend should not be more than three, and took over the inside diameter not less than φ150 mm, lest increase exhaust back pressure, reduce the power output. Exhaust back pressure is not more than 6kpa. In the external pipe position should be equipped with temperature difference expansion joints, pipe support and exhaust temperature measuring joint and other equipment. Also, note: do not over the weight bearing in the supercharger or diesel engine exhaust pipe, otherwise easy to make pipe and connecting bolt vibration fracture or damage the supercharger. Connected to the outdoor pipe mouth should consider to fireproofing, heat insulation and rainproof measures.


Ship engine exhaust pipe of WD164 series is made of cast iron.Water channel is arranged around the exhaust pipe that is cooled by the coolant from heat exchanger. Thus the temperature of the cabin can be largely lowered. But it should be noticed that the hight of water outlet of exhaust pipe can not be lower than it of exhaust pipe in case of  poor cooling water circulating. Cooling the exhaust pipe directly with sea water is not allowed which can lead to explosion of exhaust pipe under the hot and cold temperature. When the temperature is below zero, the drain valve must be opened to empty the coolant to prevent the iced water from cracking the exhaust pipe.


The engine can’t speed up until it works at low speed for a period from starting or it will cause the bearing of turbo charger burnt out. Especially when the situation that the oil is replaced, oil filter is cleaned or the filter element is replaced, or the engine is shut down for a week above happened, the oil inlet port of oil filter of turbo charger must be loosened to let the oil flow out before tightened on idle condition after started. The diesel engine can’t be loaded until the idle condition runs for several minutes.


The oil inlet port of turbo charger must be removed and 50ml-60ml of oil should be added to each turbo charger when using new engine or replacing the turbo charger in the risk of burning out the turbo charger’s bearing caused by lack of oil.

Idle condition and condition under 50% of rated power should be avoided, or the oil leakage into booster from turbo charger will burst out the exhaust pipe.


Idle condition must be run by 2min-3min before the engine is shut down. In common case, the diesel engine is not allowed to shut down abruptly to keep from bearing seizure caused by turbo charger overheating.


Whether the abnormal friction between the blades and cover of the turbo charger happens should be monitored rightly after the diesel engine stops. If abnormal, gaps between the bearings must be tested.


Seal of intake pipe and exhaust pipe must be kept or the engine performance will be affected. Whether tight nut or bolt,hose clamp, sealing gasket is loosen should be checked frequently.


Load power should be matched when using supercharged diesel engine. Long-time overload operation will cause unnecessary trouble which will reduce working performance.