The importance of power selection of diesel generator set for pump and how to maintain it

- Dec 04, 2018-


Pump diesel generator set, it can be understood as a special pump diesel generator set, so in the use of a certain pertinence, and from the current point of view, it is mainly used to generate electricity, and ordinary diesel generator set role.Therefore, through in-depth understanding of the correct understanding of the pump diesel generator set, and at the same time, it can be well separated from the ordinary diesel generator set.

1. Is the power selection of diesel generator set for pump important?

Pump diesel generator set power selection, in the eyes of professionals in this area, is an important work, because if there is a wrong choice, it will affect the normal use of the product and its use effect, and then, there will be product waste and economic losses to users.It is proportional to the product price, that is, the higher the unit power is, the higher the product price is.Therefore, to choose the right power, too large or too small is not good, will appear in the process of use problems.


2. Class A and class B maintenance of diesel generator set for pump

Class A maintenance of diesel generator set for pump, the specific content is as follows:

(1) Before starting up, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive and careful inspection to check whether the oil plane of the engine is within the normal range. Generally speaking, there are two marks on the oil ruler, the high mark "H" and the low mark "L".If the oil plane is outside these two marks, the unit cannot be operated.

(2) Pay attention to the cooling of the unit. Check whether the cooling can be carried out normally and whether the cooling effect is good. Check whether the cooling effect is good after the cooling work is finished.

(3) Check the belt to see if there are any problems such as looseness and slip. If there are any problems, they should be dealt with and solved in time without delay.

(4) Whether the lubricating oil pressure is normal, whether the oil temperature is normal, and whether the important parts can work and operate normally.

Pump diesel generator set B maintenance, in addition to the maintenance of A level of content, but also to carry out oil replacement work, and requires the correct and standard for pump diesel generator set oil replacement work, at the same time check whether there is oil seepage and leakage and other problems.


3. Does the pump with different power match the diesel generator set with different power?

Pump, it is to have different power and different kinds, even if it is the same kind of pump, there is also the size of the power.Therefore, the pump of different power, is sure to match the diesel generator set of different power, that is, for the pump diesel generator set, so as to ensure that the unit can be normal and smooth operation, and then, to achieve the purpose of use and have a good effect.