The diesel generator set shall adopt the corresponding auxiliary method before starting

- Aug 06, 2019-


Diesel generator set before starting, must increase the temperature of diesel generator set, today starlight power generation equipment to introduce the diesel generator set before starting the corresponding auxiliary methods.  


Of course, the engine engine release crankcase lubricating oil, the next day before starting the diesel engine oil to heat up to 80-90 degrees after adding crankcase, heating can evaporate the oil in the oil, prevent the oil colloid oil temperature is too low and closed oil filter screen, increase the body temperature at the same time quickly improve the lubrication effect of each lubrication point. 


When the ambient temperature is lower than -5 degrees Celsius, add 80-90 degrees hot water to the diesel generator tank to increase the body temperature, add hot water for 5-7 minutes after the second addition of hot water, can significantly increase the temperature of the diesel generator set, is the most effective way to start the diesel generator set in winter.