The development direction and rainproof function of agricultural generator.

- Mar 22, 2018-

Agricultural generator at work in the process of the low noise and compact overall organization takes up the space is little, body all is detachable type structure, used in the process of made of steel plate joining together and become, the surface of the agricultural generator will be coated with high performance anti-rust paint, it will also have noise reduction and rainproof function.

Chamber adopts multi-layer barrier of agricultural generator impedance mismatch type silencing, built-in large impedance muffler structure, enclosure structure design is reasonable, the chamber is equipped with large capacity fuel tank, around is equipped with two access doors at the same time, the unit for troubleshooting.

The agricultural generator is connected to the system before matching voltage, frequency and phase.

Failure to synchronize before a connection may result in high short circuit current or wear of the generator or its switching equipment.

The synchronization process can be completed automatically by the automatic synchronization module or manually by the directed operator.

Agricultural generator loads can be Shared between generators running in parallel through load sharing.

Load sharing can be reduced through the use of controlled by the generator frequency speed control, at the same time it constantly adjust engine fuel control to transfer the load to the rest of the power supply or from surplus power transfer load.

When the fuel supply to its combustion system increases, the diesel generator will carry more load, and if the fuel supply is reduced, the load will be released.

The agricultural generator unit is responsible for providing power generation equipment for the national economy and people's living power, so it will occupy a very important position for a long time.

With the development of the progressive society of The Times, the original power generation unit is heavy, gas-guzzling, noisy, and the exhaust pollution is serious, which is obviously not suitable for the needs of the society.

Therefore, the future development direction of the generator set should be energy saving, environmental protection, light miniaturization, miniaturization, beautiful and generous.

This can give play to the potential advantages of the unit.