The basic structure of diesel generator plunger injection pump

- May 30, 2019-


Plunger type fuel injection truck is the use of plunger in the plunger sleeve reciprocating motion for oil absorption and oil pressure, plunger and plunger together called plunger even parts (or plunger pair), each plunger pair only to a cylinder oil supply.According to its construction, plunger injection pump is divided into monomer type and integral type.


All parts of a single injection pump are installed in the pump body, its injection pump CAM channel and valve CAM usually do in a root shaft, governor installed in the body.The pump is mainly used for single or two cylinder diesel engines.  


Integral fuel injection pump is a main pump which is composed of several groups of pump oil elements (sub-pumps) together installed into a pump body and driven by a camshaft of fuel injection pump.Plunger injection pump usually consists of pump body, pump oil mechanism, oil control mechanism and transmission mechanism.


Pump oil mechanism is the main body of fuel injection pump, in the multi-cylinder pump, also known as the separate pump, pump oil mechanism is mainly composed of plunger coupling (plunger and plunger sleeve) and oil valve coupling (oil valve and oil valve seat ).