The appearance inspection of diesel generator sets needs to be checked before leaving factory

- Sep 23, 2019-


The inspection standard of diesel generator set before leaving the factory should strictly follow the inspection standard issued by the state and the international IOS standard. Only by combining the strict inspection standard with the scientific and advanced manufacturing process can the diesel generator set with good quality and excellent performance be produced reliably.


1. First of all, whether the size of parts and components of each part of the engine and the distance between them conform to the specified parameters in the assembly drawing, so as to ensure that the specified size parameters conform to the requirements.


2. Check whether there are holes, dents, stains, cracks and other defects on the surface of various parts of the diesel generator set, and whether the paint color and brightness on the surface of the diesel generator set meet the specified requirements.


3. Check whether the parts of the diesel generator set are closely connected and seamless, and whether the connection is firm.Check whether the circuit installation is in accordance with the circuit diagram, whether the wiring of each lead wire is neat and firm, whether the rotating part is flexible, whether there is an obvious sign that the circuit connection is not easy to fall off.


4. Check whether the product identification plate of the diesel generator set is fixed firmly, whether the position is correct, and whether the parameters on the identification plate are correct and clear.In case of unqualified diesel generator during inspection, the specific unqualified item shall be indicated on the inspection record for convenient maintenance.