The advantages of generator sets

- Aug 26, 2019-


1. Improve power quality and operation economy, and make all electrical equipment in good working condition.Modern electrical equipment has high requirements on the frequency and voltage of electric energy, and the allowable deviation range is very small.Although the voltage has a variety of automatic voltage regulator to keep it constant, but the frequency is usually controlled by the governor to adjust, for the diesel engine, to maintain the frequency constant is more difficult, automatic diesel generator set depends on frequency, active power automatic regulation to complete.


2. Reduce operation personnel and improve working conditionsThe environmental conditions in the machine room are poor, which affects the health and safety of operators.The automatic control system creates conditions for the unattended, and enables the maintenance personnel of the generator set to have more time and energy to improve the level of maintenance and management of the equipment, so that it can play its due role in the completion of power supply tasks.


3. When there is an abnormal situation of the equipment, the automatic device can make correct judgment and deal with it in time, send out the corresponding alarm signal or emergency shutdown, so as to avoid damage of the equipment, and at the same time, it can automatically put into the standby unit to minimize the power outage time of the grid, ensure the continuity of power supply and improve its reliability.