Technical requirements for maintenance of diesel generator sets

- Jan 25, 2018-

After a Diesel generator set be sold from the generator manufacturer to the user, maintenance was actually already began when a user first day started using diesel generating set unit , the service life of the unit and the unit maintenance work are closely related.High quality diesel generator set maintenance unit brings to the user not only the extension of life, but also bring more economic benefits to the user. for users to make better use of diesel generating sets, better  job in diesel generator set maintenance, the generating set manufacturer wuxi power  share specific content as follows:

1.Generating set manufacturer should arrange engineer on-site inspection services, commissioning every half  year .

2.Units each running 250 hours or 12 months (which first come), generator manufacturer is responsible for the replacement of diesel oil filter, oil filter, air filter, oil, antifreeze preservative liquid.

3. Check valve clearance every 1000 hours

4. Do fuel pressure test two times a year

5. Do reliability test of the sensors 2 times every year

6. Inspect the fan and water pump .

7. test electronic management system every time

8. Reliability test of load switch

9. Check the emergency shutdown system reliability every time

10. Check control box if there is any looseness on control box

11. Check battery capacity and connection firmness

12. Check electrical wiring if any loose .

13. Check unit united power (self start function) test

14. Check the unit smoke normal or not

15. Each inspection unit need to check if there is water, air, oil leakage

16. Each inspection need to check belt firmness

18. Checking start motor and the charging system at a time

18. Every year check the heat balance for one time

19.Every time’s inspection personnel of party A should be on-site for guidance and training the unit operation.

20. Every time’s inspection need to be recorded .