System of the WD305 series diesel engine Fuel、speed control system

- Jan 19, 2018-

Speed control system consists of the oil transfer pump, fuel filter, fuel injection pump, governor, injector, high pressure oil pipe, return line etc , is the main component of diesel engine.

After the fuel delivery pump indrafts the fuel from tank ,the fuel is send  to fuel filter and filter it clear , goes into the fuel injection pump ,the fuel injection pump fuel pressure is increase, according to different conditions will be the fuel delivery, through high pressure tubing is sent to the fuel injector, the fuel injector spray the fuel into combustion chamber by mist. In order to keep the appearance and clean around of diesel engine and recycle the fuel, Little fuel runs out from the fuel injector side return line, the user shall take back to the tank.

Reliability of the fuel system and governor directly affects the operating characteristics of the diesel. Therefore during dismantling, repair, reassembling, adjusting and testing of the fuel system and governor, it is important to keep all parts clean. Remember, cleanliness is of primary importance to quality and reliability.

When the governor of the diesel engines is of electric, it consists of speed sensor, electromagnetic performer, speed controller, control switch and connecting cable etc. Speed sensor has been installed on the flywheel housing of the diesel engine. Speed signal would come out from flywheel ring gear of the diesel engine. Electromagnetic performer has been installed in the back of the high pressure oil pump. Speed controller, and connecting cable has been placed or installed in the monitoring instrument of the engine. High-low switch and stop switch ( power switch) would be supplied with the engine. The power of the electronic governor is 24V battery which is used to start the engine (two 6-Q-195 type). Users can refer to the operation manual for electronic governor during operation and maintenance of the electronic governor. When power generation diesel engine adopts electronic governor, its governing performance is obviously increased. The ratio of steady-state governing is no more than 3%. The speed fluctuation is so low that it would satisfy completely the technical requirement of mating power generator.

When the engine is tested at the factory, each parameter of speed controller has been set and lead sealed. Don’t adjust it without permission of the specialist of manufacturer. Otherwise, the product would not be placed into the quality assurance service extent.

If you want to adjust the engine’s starting speed on special condition, you can adjust the remote control potentiometer. If you want to shut down the engine in an emergency, you can shut down the power of the electric governing by shutting down the power switch (stop switch of the diesel engine) of electric governing.

In order to ensure the reliability of transmission agent , WD series diesel engines all adopt steel plate coupling between high-pressure fuel pump and transmission shaft of gear chamber .The fitting relation of steel plate coupling and transmission shaft and jointing tray of fuel pump can see the following figure.

At first, install the steel plate coupling on the transmission shaft of injection pump and make sure it can be moved along axial direction. Then loose bolts D (2) and tighten the back-end steel plates (4) of steel plate coupling on the jointing tray of injection pump with bolts A (2), the tighten moment of bolt A is 40N.m. The next is that tighten the bolts D (2) on the steel plate coupling, tighten moment is 40N.m too. Then, adjust the axial location of steel plate coupling and ensure the steel plates are no deflection, tight bolt B (1) and the moment is 40-50N.m and make the steel plate coupling fixed with the transmission shaft of injection pump reliability. At last, loose bolts C (2) and adjust the fuel supply advance angle to specified range, then tighten the bolts C (2) to 40NM. Thus, the installation of steel plate is finished.


Fig.2 Assembly parts of steel plate coupling

1.Gear shaft of injection pump  2.Steel plate coupling

3.Jointing tray of injection pump  4.Camshaft of injection pump