Specified requirements of diesel engine fire pump main material and design

- Oct 11, 2017-

Do you know its main material and specified requirements in the production of diesel engine fire pump?In practical application at the same time, we also need to make sure it’s performance requirements. 

We all know, diesel engine fire pump includes a number of different parts, so when select material different problems need to be taken into consideration.Such as its shell is to choose the best nodular cast iron material, and at the time of making impeller part, usually choose bronze or stainless steel material as raw materials.


So, for the user, which basic requirements shall meet in the design of the choice of diesel engine fire pump?First of all, in the process of operation, shall cooperate in compression ignition type diesel engine used together.Second, the power rating of the diesel engines is selected, at the same time need to take into account the altitude and temperature conditions on its power may cause.


Third, the choice of diesel engine fire pump equipment should be able to meet the requirements of continuous work for a long time.Normally, during commissioning, trial operation time shall not be less than 24 hours.


Fourth, the user during the use of diesel engine fire pump, shall guarantee the battery to ensure it can automatic start pump at any time.In addition, the tank is equipped with requires a combination of fire duration for sure.Is generally based on the minimum effective volume of 1.5 L tank/KW configuration.


In addition, in order to ensure the normal use of diesel engine fire pump, the user shall be stored inside the tank of diesel engine fire pump for at least half of fuel.


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