Small diesel generator selection skills

- Aug 31, 2018-

In comparison, the power of small diesel generators is relatively small, but in daily use management, attention should also be paid to reasonable selection.This is also one of the important measures to ensure its normal operation.At present, there are many types of small diesel generators in the market, so it is necessary to make reasonable selection according to the actual working conditions.

So, how exactly do you choose?One of the first things to consider is power.That is to say, the use of the load to select the appropriate power of small diesel generators.In general, the maximum power that the generator set can be used continuously within 24 hours is called continuous power.In practical application, the actual load must not exceed the continuous power of the generating set.Therefore, we need to reserve sufficient power range in advance.

However, it should be noted that the reserved load space should not be too large. Otherwise, the fuel cannot be fully burned. In the long run, carbon deposition will be formed, resulting in the failure of piston ring.The second issue to consider is running noise.The silent type of small diesel generator refers to the generator outside the installation of a sound insulation effect of the shell, the internal installation of sound insulation materials.

In general, during the selection period, users are mainly considered according to the requirements of the work environment.If you need to install a small diesel generator close to where you live, you will need to choose a silent type.At this time, attention should be paid to the use of sound insulation materials at the same time with a certain high-temperature performance, flame retardant and solid installation.Also, make sure that the outer iron sheet is strong enough to avoid the secondary noise that resonates with the body.

In addition, in the selection process, we also need to consider whether to carry out grid generation.This is because small diesel generators need regular maintenance, so in order to extend their service life, several small diesel generators may need to rotate.Of course, there are still many problems to be paid attention to in the selection process, I hope you can fully consider them.