Site requirements for installation of diesel generators

- Aug 21, 2019-


1. Firstly, it is essential to choose a dry, cool and ventilated environment. If the environment is humid, some parts of the diesel generator set will rust.


2. Diesel generator set installation location must be ventilated sex good, installation environment must be enough diesel generating sets inlet and outlet, if the vent is not installed or installed unreasonable will endanger people's safety, diesel generator set to the lack of oxygen can also lead to performance degradation, because diesel generating set at run time will consume a large amount of oxygen in the air, if you don't ventilation installation environment, environment of oxygen will be consumed quickly, carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to diesel generating set operating personnel, have life risk.


3. The installation environment of the diesel generator set shall be kept clean, and the installation environment shall not prevent volatile strong acid, strong alkali and other corrosive gases, and shall not store inflammable and explosive substances, and shall be equipped with corresponding fire extinguishing devices, preferably equipped with carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.


4. If the diesel generator set installation indoors, must install exhaust pipe connected to the outside, should pay attention to when install smoke pipe outside the wind direction, to ensure that the diesel engine exhaust gas produced during unit operation would be able to discharge, if smoke apertures up to add cover, avoid rain water injection pipe.


5. The installation environment of diesel generator set must have ground wire, leakage protection device and lightning protection device. These devices must be installed by professionals.