Safety Management of generator storage

- Aug 24, 2017-

1. The generator must be kept in a dry, light and ventilated designated room when idle. It is strictly forbidden to place the generators in the open air, sun exposure and rain that may be wet.

2. The oil engine used in the services shall not be allowed to be in use for a long time (30 days), and the fuel in the generator should be fully discharged.

3. To prevent the long-term accumulation of oil and gas in the air, keep the air in full convection, especially after being dispersed.

4. The generator body clearly must be posted with "generator Exhaust toxic", "strictly prohibited in the air not circulating environment", "prohibit the operation of adding fuel, oil" and other signs.

5. Put the motor storage should be equipped with dry powder fire extinguishers, oil fire extinguishing application of dry powder fire extinguishers, equipment fire extinguishing application of carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

6. The generators, oil drums and inflammable and explosive and cartons, wooden cases, foam and other sundries mixed stacking.

7. Non-metal containers such as plastic drums are strictly prohibited from loading fuel.