What are the requirements for parallel operation of diesel generator sets

- Feb 26, 2019-


The whole process of putting a diesel generator set into parallel operation is called parallel operation.A diesel generator set should be put into operation first to send the voltage to the busbar, while another generator set should be started in parallel with the previous one. The generator set should not have harmful impulse current at the moment of closing, and the shaft should not be impacted suddenly.After closing, the rotor should be able to be pulled into sync quickly.(that is, the rotor speed is equal to the rated speed). Therefore, the generator set must have the following conditions:


1. The effective value and waveform of the diesel generator set voltage must be the same;That is, the effective output voltage of the diesel generator must be the same as the voltage waveform, and a multimeter and an oscilloscope can be used to measure the actual output voltage and waveform data. 


2. The voltage phase of the two diesel generator sets is the same;That is, the current of the two diesel generators is the same, and the diesel generators with different current cannot be used for parallel operation. 


3. The frequency of two diesel generator sets is the same;That is, the diesel generator frequency must be consistent, not a 60hz and a 50hz.


4. The phase sequence of the two diesel generator sets is consistent;That is two diesel generator sets can not be a single - phase a three - phase.In case of parallel operation, the above four points should be paid attention to.