Rated speed of agricultural generator and no-load operation requirements.

- Mar 20, 2018-

After the start of agricultural generator, in the process of operating need close control box, after insurance effective press the start button, press the button 3 ~ 5 s, if the launch is not successful, should wait about 20 s to start again.

If the startup is unsuccessful several times, the starting operation should be stopped and the battery voltage or oil circuit should be eliminated.

Agriculture generator under normal circumstances, the unit after start-up speed can directly reach the rated speed, there is a requirement for idle, idle time is commonly 3 ~ 5 min, effective fastening situation of each joint inspection unit for loosening and violent vibration.

Agricultural generator at ordinary times need effective check the lube oil level, the coolant fluid level and fuel quantity, check the oil, lubrication and cooling system of diesel engine all pipe fittings and presence of the oil leakage phenomenon, check the leakage hidden trouble such as electrical wiring have broken skin, ground wire electrical wiring is loose, the unit connected to the foundation of whether firm.

Agricultural generator if the environment temperature is below freezing, must want to add a certain proportion in the radiator antifreeze, diesel generating sets for the first time to start or stop after a long time to start again, should use first hand pump exhaust air in the fuel system.

When the agricultural generator is not connected, the armature current is zero, which is called no-load operation.

At this time, the three-phase winding of the motor stator is only the excitation current If induced E0 of the no-load electromotive force, and its size increases with the increase of If.

However, due to the saturation of the magnetic circuit of the motor, the two are not directly proportional.

The curve that reflects the relationship between E0 of no-load electromotive force and excitation current is called the no-load characteristic of synchronous generator.http://www.wandiengine.com/