Proper maintenance is very important for diesel engine pumps.

- Mar 23, 2018-

As a consumer, I believe you all know, if in daily work can make the correct maintenance, preventive maintenance, in particular, is very important for diesel engine fire pump.

Obviously, these maintenance works are the simplest and most economical maintenance methods, and it is also the key to extend the service life of the diesel engine pump and reduce the use cost.


So, do you know what basic maintenance work should be done in your daily work?

Here we will analyze the specific contents of this question and hope to provide some references.

First of all, during the daily work period, the staff needs to constantly check the fuel amount of the fuel tank of the fire engine pump, and then determine whether it needs to be supplemented according to the actual amount of oil stored.


Secondly, in daily work, staff should also develop good lubrication habits.

That is to say, not only need to regularly check whether the fire engine pump needs to be lubricated in the proper lubrication, and should be combined with the work requirements to properly add lubricating grease.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the oil level in the oil pan, not enough to be added to the regulation, but not beyond the upper limit of the line.


In addition, the staff should also pay attention to whether the water in the tank is sufficient, if the amount of water too little should be replenished in time.

It should be noted that the added water should be clean fresh water, such as tap water or clean water.

It is better not to use groundwater directly, because it is easy to form scale in the water tank of the diesel engine pump, which can affect the cooling effect and cause the failure.


In addition, in the inspection operation, special attention should be paid to check the water, oil and gas of the fire engine pump.

This is to check the sealing surface of the oil pipe and water pipe. If there is any leakage, it should be handled in time.

If there is a leakage phenomenon, it should be eliminated in time.