Production requirements and driving parts of electric feed pump motor

- Dec 24, 2018-


The electric feed pump motor is an important driving part of the pump in operation.The power of the operating machine will directly affect how much power the motor consumes.The operating power of the pump is related to its size, flow rate, flow rate, speed and other data. Therefore, it is necessary to select a reasonable operation condition to meet the production requirements and obtain the power.

The electric feed pump motor usually needs to strengthen maintenance, reduce the mechanical fault caused by the pump motor overload.To a certain extent, real-time monitoring of pump motor winding temperature, general pump motor windings are air-cooled shell, submersible pump is a water-cooled shell.Large pump motor is cooled by air-air heat exchanger and air-water heat exchanger.

The "pole number" of the electric feed pump motor is the number of magnetic poles of the specified subfield.Stator windings can be connected in different ways to form different poles of stator magnetic field.The number of poles of the motor is determined by the speed required by the load. The number of poles of the motor directly affects the speed of the motor. The current of the motor is only related to the voltage and power of the motor.